COVID-19 Update: WVSD will be continually updating our status Here.

COVID-19 Update

To all valued participants and spectators of the Dome, We’d like to thank you for your patience during this hectic time. For 22 years we at the Dome have always tried to keep the best interest of our guests in mind. With this being said we have decided to suspend all organized league play at the Dome through next Thursday. During this time frame we will be doing a thorough cleaning of the facility and monitoring the CDC and the WHO sites. We will be using their info to make plans how to proceed. We will also be using this time to prep our outdoor fields for possible use in finishing our season if the weather permits. Teams which have rentals or want to rent a field will still be able to use the facilities as we will remain open for these events.

We hope everyone remains safe during this break and we can all return to a more normal situation shortly. You can monitor this page for updates as more info becomes available.

Thanks Ed & Susie