All games for Tuesday October 26th are being played as scheduled.
COVID-19 Update: WVSD will be re-opening Monday Jan 4th, 2021. We will be continually updating our status Here.

Cantolao Attack FC use WVSD as year round training base

Moving forward, soccer enthusiasts will not miss a beat as  Cantolao Attack FC is having open tryouts Nov , 2021 at The Dome. For more info check out their web site at   Cantolao Attack FC will collaborate with Wyoming Valley Sports Dome to offer indoor and outdoor soccer training and league play. In addition to indoor play, our recently completed full sized outdoor field (70 yds x 130 yds) will add many opportunities for youth who desire the year round experience which can raise their soccer skills/opportunities to the next level.

    Youth ages 4 through 18 will be served by  Cantolao Attack FC as we welcome the club to the many activities at the Dome this September. All activities through NE Cantolao Attack FC will be organized/overseen by a full board, registrar, and Soccer Director Hubert Herrera. Each team will also have a head coach, asst coach, and team manager. For more info on available training opportunities, indoor and outdoor leagues, and tournament play with  Cantolao Attack FC please contact soccer director Hubert Herrera at (570) 574-5283 or email the board at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .