All activities for Thursday June 8th are being played as scheduled.

Baseball News ( Doors open 1/2 hour before 1st game )

   Our in house games will begin Saturday Nov 7th, or Sunday Nov 8th 2020. Teams will be grouped into pools of 4 and be given a 3 hour time slot for play. Teams will play on our 2 fields for approx. 1 1/2 hours then 2 teams will change fields and you will play a different team for the remainder of your 3 hour drop dead time slot. Ages offered will be 10 and under or 10 thru 12. Teams can opt to play 50/70 or 45/60. Ages will be based on the season which just ended this summer. The league will be an instructional league and no scores or standings kept. Teams can change rules before each game to make the most out of their time as long as both teams agree with only pitch counts being enforced to protect the kids. Games will be Saturday, or Sunday and will be 90 minutes drop dead timed. Teams will play 12 games on 6 playdays ( November 7/8...14/15...21/22 and December 5/6...12/13...19/20 ). Teams will play 2 games each day. For more details you can call Ed at the Dome (570) 823-9873 or (570) 954-1597, or send an e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . or contact the USSSA and Jeff Kittle or Erich Leightner directly.