All activities for Monday July 22nd are being played as scheduled.

Girls Softball League Rules

Games will use USSSA Rules. Any changes will be agreed on by coaches before the game starts.

The games are to be treated as an off season training and development program in a game situation format. No scores or standings will be kept and the field time will be 90 minutes drop dead time when the clock buzzer goes off. Coaches are allowed to make changes to how they want to use their game time as long as both teams agree ( If they want to let a certain player bat more often for college coaches etc, ). If coaches do not agree we revert back to USSSA rules.

After the buzzer goes off, teams are asked to move their gear and empty the dugouts for the next teams as their 90 minutes starts immediately. You can meet with your teams in the outfield or in the dining area.

No changes are made in the schedule thru the Dome once the schedules are posted. If a team cannot make a game they need to switch with another team on their own or give their game to another team. If no remedy works the team needs to notify the Dome thru email by Monday evening before the weekend conflict so the Dome can get a replacement team on the field. All changes are to be made by email so there is a record of an agreement between teams. If no team shows up on game day the team that was to play or the team which agreed to take their spot will have an additional game taken off their schedule which will be the choice of the team which had no one to play. Teams travel and pay to have games, not forfeits so please make the calls if you cannot play.