All activities for Wednesday May 29th are being played as scheduled.

Field Hockey League Rules

Rules used to umpire high school, junior high, and elementary are the same rules used by the Pa Interscholastic Athletic Association. The open division will use NCAA rules. an indepth description of league rules are posted inside the facility.

  1. Players must wear shin guards, mouth guards, and goggles are optional. Players are not allowed to wear jewelry. Goggles are not required for FH
  2. Seven players per side-including a goalkeeper.
  3. Teams may play with as few as four (4) players.
  4. When no goal keeper is playing on the field, the Dome permits teams to play with seven field players. In the event that a penalty stroke is called the cage will remain empty and the stroke is taken on a empty goal.
  5. On a penalty corner 3 players plus goalie behind end line and 3 players behind the center field line.
  6. Penalty corners are not played out. All games end at the buzzer.
  7. The umpire has the right to add time after the buzzer for delays or cards to be issued in close games.
  8. Sub on the fly. Players should be off the field before sub enters.
  9. if a red card is issued RED CARD that player will be out for next game of tournament or league.
  10. If the Red Card is for fighting:
    DISQUALIFIED from all Dome play for 1 calender year.
  11. SPITTING: Yellow card.
  12. Yellow card must leave the field until play resumes.
  13. Players will use benches opposite from spectators bleachers.
  14. At the end of a game/haftime, the buzzer will sound. The timer will put one minute on the clock. When the minute is up, the clock will start whether your team is on the field or not. Be ready.
  15. Both teams must supply a game ball.
  16. Players may only be rostered for one team in a league. Sharing players is not allowed and will result in a forfeit for the team using unrostered players. If a team is found to be using an unrostered player mangement must be notified during the game.
  17. Balls can not be lifted during play