All activities for Friday April 19th are being played as scheduled.

Soccer League Rules

All games will use FIFA rules with the following exceptions:

  1. There will be no offsides.
  2. Substitutions can be made on the fly. Players should be off the field before the substitute enters.
  3. All kicks will be indirect with the exception of penalty kicks.
  4. The goal keeper cannot punt. The goal keeper cannot distribute the ball over mid-field in the air.
  5. Goal kicks cannot travel over mid-field in the air.
  6. Kick-offs may travel backwards.
  7. If a Red Card is issued, the player cannot play the next game. If the Red Card is for fighting, the player is disqualified from the league and the next league the team enters.
  8. If a Yellow Card is issued, the player must leave the field until play restarts.
  9. Players can play on only one team per age group (cannot play A&B). Girls may play in both Boys and Girls league for their appropriate age and may also play up in age. any team using an illegal player without first informing the referee:
     1)The team will forefit the game and will be ineligible for plays if continuing to use illegal players 2) Player will be red carded
  10.  A Yellow Card will be issued for spitting.
  11. Any kick striking the ceiling or lights will result in a goal kick, corner kick or throw in for the appropriate team.
  12. Half time duration is 1 minute. The game clock will start promptly.
  13. Players will use the benches opposite from the spectator bleachers.
  14. Both teams must supply a game ball.
  15. Slide tackling is not allowed in Over 25 and Over 30 league play and will result in appropriate penalty.